Agence Laurent Vigneron Architecte

Our residencies

Each residence is co-created between the artists and Bain Public’s team to make sure they fit the needs of the artists and contribute to their creation’s process. These residencies are also an opportunity to settle the presence of artistic creation in the area.

You are a professional artist, you can apply for residency by sending application to arts@bainpublic.eu

Our café and garden area

Bain Public is a warm and welcoming place were you can come to eat, drink or simply relax. Food will be prepared with healthy and local products.

You will also be invited to participate to regular events related to the creation process of the artists currently hosted for residency.

You want to be involved in our activities as a volunteer, you can contact us at bienvenue@bainpublic.eu

Opening in March 2021, Bain Public is a new place dedicated to artistic creation with the will to be in tune with its time and today’s new forms of action and interaction.

Located in the heart of the city of Saint-Nazaire, Bain Public is a bright and welcoming place as it benefits from the very special architecture of its building which was historically hosting Saint-Nazaire’s public baths. We made sure to keep the spirit of the place in our project by creating a warm and hospitable environment open to all.

Our building comprises two residency studios, a large hall with a café opened to a sunny terrasse and garden. These different spaces are designed to build connections and dialogue between the artists and the inhabitants of the area.